Schwarze Oliven – 'Kücük Böy' (Munich), 2018, video loop, 2 min 15 sec.
This song came to my mind one morning eating black olives with pits (schwarze Oliven mit Stein). Like every morning the tin stood in front of me on my breakfast table, but this time the turkish words printed on it started repeating in my head, pulling me in, like an undertow towards the sea... I was mesmerised.
I added visuals after finishing the song, always trying to make the sound sound 'tinny'. Visually I was playing with reprography and – of course – the famous Andy Warhol tins.
Together with the repetitive, marching music this video as well forms squares (Military expression: "Form Square!" "Karree bilden!").
To me the naive voice which is akin to a lullaby contrasts that upcoming formation.
Also we are sung to sleep by the indulging voices of a capitalist formation. Let's not fall asleep, as what is marching in is hard to defeat.
This video was shown as part of the group exhibition at Alte Akademie organised by Paul Klinger Künstlersozialwerk e.V., 2019, Munich.
It was shown as a projection within a larger room installation.
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